Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Spring Dress and Gratutious Shoe Shots

I was going to say that the first shot would be perfect if it weren't for my expression. I'm biting my lower lip and looking away, probably at the person I saw in a nearby alley depositing trash in a garbage can. I'm trying hard not to lose the pose despite the distraction. But it was my full-length photograph, so this is what you're going to get if you want to see the faux wrap dress I saw the way you would see it if you saw me walking down the street or posing in front of a camera on a tripod in a park (which is what I was doing). If I don't look completely relaxed, it's because I'm cold. Spring is on its way but it's still quite chilly at 43 degrees. I just looked at the temperature. I can't believe I took off my coat. Well, I can because I wanted to show off this dress (Simplicity 4074). Vanity always triumphs comfort, especially when it comes to shoes (more on that later).

First, the fabric. I loved this fabric that I snapped up when I visited Metro Textiles in New York City last spring. I love paisley, and this orange/turquoise/fuschia colorway is simply flattering; the pattern is so busy it does indeed cover all those "lumps and bumps" as Ann says on her web site. I really had no idea what I was going to make when I bought this, just something smashing. Then I read about this mock-wrap dress pattern and I decided I had to make it.
I cut a size eight all the way through. To prevent gaposis at the neckline, I stitched on clear elastic before I twin-needle stitched the neckline. The rest of the pattern was a angel cakewalk (and I like mine with fresh strawberries, by the way). I did a faux cover-stitch on the hem and sleeves with my Viking Husquvarna 735. If I were to make this dress again (and I will with another Metro Textiles jersey), I'll probably stitch that clear elastic closer to the raw edge so less cleavage shows when I fold over the fabric. As it is, I think it's modest, but if it weren't, I just might wear this. However, I think I'm ok.

Here's a final gratuitious shoe shot that I thought you might enjoy. These are a pair of 1940s beige pumps that I got for $40. They are not in the best condition as you can tell. They are well-loved - and constantly visiting the shoe repair shop for a little TLC. These are one of my more comfy retro pumps. They are sumpremely comfy. I even wear them without stockings during the summer. I think this might be a 7 1/2 - I can squeeze my 8 1/2 feet into these because of the adjustable back strap and the pee-toe. If you love vintage shoes, but feel that you can't find any in size or price range, think again. Just put the word out there, and I'm confident you'll begin to find some!

By the way, if anyone has a 1/2 yard of this wonderful fabric, I will gladly buy it from you. I started to make a kimono-style wrap top for a friend but I can't find the bottom half of the bodice. Help!


Erica B. said...

That dress looks fabulous on you and I love your shoes!

the_lazymilliner said...

Thanks for the compliment, Erica.