Monday, March 1, 2010

What I didn't Buy: Midwest Vintage Clothing, Jewelry, Textile Show & Sale*

Oh, my goodness. Saturday afternoon at this show felt like a day at the local shopping mall, only with much better people watching. You would have though the costume contest, which ended Friday night, was still in full swing. Two 20-something guys dressed head-to-toenail in authentic 70s clothes (yes, one polyester shirt included). Bunches of couples in rockabilly togs, ready to rumble. At least one guy in what looked like ultra-fitted or maybe too small button-front pants from the turn of the last century. Anyhow, this dealer (above) snagged her 40s cocktail hat Friday night. I love the button detail in the back. The best hats have some element of surprise...something you don't see at first glance, but catch later, perhaps as the wearer turns or walks away.
I think this collection was on the first floor of the show. On closer look, there's no one hat that pops out as something I'd really want...but the composition of all these accessories on stands and hatboxes is interesting.

Now, I loved this wedding's apparently from the 1970s. It's sort of ethereal, very floaty and simple. In fact, it looks like something you could easily make using inexpensive tulle from a store such as Vogue Fabrics and a stack of inexpensive cream appliques (at Vogue these are about $2 a piece). I wouldn't ordinarily go for a cream on a ivory background, but somehow it works.

Throw in some beads...and you've got a one of a kind heirloom veil. Now what kind of dress would you wear with it?
*Yeah, I didn't buy anything, but I snapped photos. I know, boring. But I did knit. I'll show what I'm working on shortly. Promise.

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