Friday, February 26, 2010

Crafstylish Beret, Elgin Vintage Fashion Show and more....

Some quick hits for today:
1. The cutout beret was featured in a Craftstylish magazine late last year, I wanted to write about it at the time, but I couldn't find an online image and promptly forgot about it. Here it is again, with all the directions, etc. Instructions call for felt, but I'm tempted to use some faux suede in my stash.
2. The Midwest Vintage Clothing, Jewelry and Textile Show, now a once-a-year event, starts tonight in Elgin. I really had a tough time trying to decide to go tonight or tomorrow.

The advantage of tonight:
* express train to my destination from downtown Chicago
* shoppers dressed up in various vintage outfits, all competing fervently for a free pass for next year's show. Outfits are great conversation pieces. I remember one couple that used to come as a World War II boyfriend and girl each year. One year, it was army uniforms. The next, dress up for a night out. Yes, they did win at least once.
*cool stuff (somehow all the mint-condition red shoes and hats in large sizes seem to go in the first hour) that you won't see the next day (duh!)
*live music, dancing.

* train rides add up to at $16 round-trip
* train ride home is all stops, plus I need to transfer to another train in another station within minutes or wait another hour
* it's cold, dark outside this time of year

Advantage of going Saturday:
* $5 all-day unlimited pass on Metra (our commuter rail system)
* cheaper ticket admission
* leisurely shopping
* Sunshine!
*Dealers more willing to negotiate

Saturday's downside:
* all-stop trains
* best stuff is sometimes gone
* almost library quiet in the show...ugh!

Anyhow, I've decided to go tomorrow. I'm looking for patterns and yarn! Yeah, the knitting vintage fever has gripped me. Over and out, friends, have a great weekend.

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