Saturday, July 19, 2008

This N' That Sunday

Nobody sent me these links, I just like 'em anyhow. I've been thinking about hats a lot, especially since I returned the Romantic Hand-Knits books without even copying the hat patterns in it. But I wanted to return the book on time so I wouldn't get fined (extending the due date wasn't an option because someone else had already reserved the book.) Here are go some hat-related URLs I like. Some of you may know,Manny's Millinery has gone kaput after a quarter-century of serving hat-lovers. Consequently, Judith M Millinery is trying to pick up the slack. (By the way, Hat Magazine has finally arrived in the U.S.! Read about it here.) Since I'm not making any hats, somehow dishcloth-inspired cocktail hats are locked into my brain. I like a bunch of patterns on Ravelry, unfortunately, I bookmarked one as a "favorite, " but there's no place for non-members to see this cutie. Sorry. However, you could always pick up a vintage variety at an antique store, stitch it to pre-made hat form, line it, and embellish with a lots of Russian veiling. Instant conversation piece!

I'm also constantly adding new blogs to my Google Reader. Recent additions include: Ann Marie Horner (gorgeous fabrics caught my eye!) and Casey's Musings got me hooked onto Liebemarlene Vintage (I'm a sucker for 1930s dresses).

Of those already on list: White Lies Designs has a post on vintage-inspired beading on those old 1950s sweaters and how to recreate that look on new projects. (For what's it's worth, I have a few old patterns that show you how to embellish ready-to-sweaters. I should dig 'em out sometime and show y'all.) Purl Bee talks about using those distinctive Japanese prints fabrics for purses and skirts, the Princess Seam has an impressive pair of self-drafted sailor pants and I'm loving this California old-button store at Craft Magazine's blog. Here's another Craftie link about kimono tops for babies and kiddies. I won't try that until I do something already about knitting pants for my latest nephew who no doubt be ready for kindergarten by the time I'm finished. If you're not into tomato pin-cushions, this whale-inspired one might rock your boat.

On the local front (as opposed to the national back), those of you in Chicago who sew might be interested in the get-together at Vogue Fabrics on Monday, July 28 that threatens to explode the Evanston store's walls. I'm thinking about being there wearing something new (as opposed to something old, which would be okay, but as said before I like a challenge, especially one that's posted to the Internet). Hold your breath (but not too long, you might pass out)....I'm pondering sewing up a top (not the spinning variety, the kind you wear). That's a cop-out (as opposed to a cop-in) when I really could be stitching up a dress, but I'm newly afraid of zippers (don't ask me why). If you can't make it to Vogue Fabrics but you like to like to knit in the Windy City, save the date for this event at Loopy Yarns.

Before, I go here are the latest poll results. It appears that most of you are currently knitting nothing, which is exactly what I'm doing. Great grey cells think alike! Don't you love knitting nothing? No gauge problems, mistakes, splitty yarn to deal. Best of all, it's free. Now I'm going back to reading the blogs on my Reader, namely Peacock Chic's Montreal adventures.

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