Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Shorn, Not Shaven

Today has been an ice cream kind of day. I did have the opportunity to get a $1 fudge sundae at McDonald's earlier, but it was just too soon for something so scrumptious, but I might treat myself later, particularly after I pick up handsome Hamlet in a few hours when he's groomed at Bark Place. I suspect he will be a lot more comfortable in the humid weather once he's trimmed. If you're wondering, I will not be using his fur for yarn. That's gross, besides, he's not my dog - I'm a foster mother, and his real mama might not approve. Anyhow, isn't there better yarn out there?

Which brings me, in a bad segue, to the fabrics you see above. I've been thinking about the blue-toned flamestitch number on and off (and off and on) all day. I've got 2 1/4 yards of this 56 inch wide fabric; I feel so lucky to have it. It was the only remnant in this colorway at Vogue Fabrics' remnant table. Right now, I'm really loving just about any textile and piece of jewelry that has turquoise, brown and beige. This particular fabric has a surfeit of each! It was a steal (at least in my checkbook) at $6.73 pre-tax! I've been thinking about making it into an asymmetrical hem skirt, something swishy that makes the most of the scalloped edges. I'd even consider turning it into a dress with the right pattern. I've no idea what pattern would work with this very lightweight woven fabric, which is kind of ravelly (not Ravelry). I was actually thinking about emailing Ann Smith or even Sandra Betzina for their suggestions. I trust their taste, and somehow I believe both would appreciate the beauty of this fabric. If you've any brilliant ideas, please leave them in the comments.

The other fiery fabric you see above? There's only 1/2 a yard at 47 inches wide. Yes, very small! I got it for $1 in the Angel remnants section also at Vogue. (Everything with a Red angel stamp is a buck.) I'm thinking it could work as a tube bolero jacket, much like this one, but considerably smaller. If that doesn't work? Well, I'll work it into another garment, some way or another. Do you know I have at least two other iterations of this same flamestitch (also called bargello) fabric in my collection? I'm obsessed with it in the warped way that I adore 100 percent cotton eyelet, which I also collect. Oddly enough, there's some really nice white eyelet with a beautiful scalloped edge on the store shelf that I have not purchased, largely because I already have something similar and uncut from Anne Klein in my closet. Those other two bits of fabric I will likely turn into summer-weight sweatercoats.

By the way, those of you who are in Chicago at the end of July, a group of Patternreview.com members are planning to meet up with Deepika at Vogue Fabrics! I'm certain we won't have to try very hard to get her to add some fabric to her own collection. I will attempt to be generous with what's in the remnant section. The operative word is try, of course, which might mean that I ensure that there's nothing there that I would like first, especially in the knits and stretch lace departments.


Anonymous said...

is there a definite date on the calendar for meeting Deepika? i am local and fellow pattern reviewer--would love to get together!

the_lazymilliner said...

Colour by number - no definite date has been set yet. Here's a link to a conversation on the topic: