Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Patternreview Invasion Aftermath*

Wow. Yowza. Oh my. It's so hard to believe that so many of you shop at Vogue Fabrics yet I've never bumped into you. Not once, not even to fight over a precious bit of remnant. Yet I think it's so cool that some of you (Applepiemom) come as far as Genoa, Ill. (near DeKalb) to visit Vogue. But once you've been here, we all can fervently agree this is truly Worth the Trip, in every way. So I completely understand those who come as far away as Iowa to buy fabric.

As someone who makes fabrics and notions shopping at Vogue a twice-a-week treat, I wasn't sure I should go to the special group tour. I mean, sometimes I feel like I can give the tour. Really. Bathroom? Right here near the bridal fabrics. Notions? Next to the Silk Room. Home decor textiles? Um, next to the sewing machine department.

Yet I learned so much about Vogue that I didn't know before. I don't need to see every corner to appreciate this place (yes, I'll take a pass on the basement which was flooded recently). Who knew that you could become participate in the associates of Vogue Fabrics program, which essentially means the store can link up to your blog? I can benefit (so can you once I get more details from store manager Charlotte), and so does Vogue. Or that the store employees will gladly put out the royal welcome mat for any group visit, even one with as few as 10 people? And the goody bags! I recognized virtually all of the stuff (polyester ribbons, a little stuffed dog, scalloped lace embellishments, a button birthday card, and much more). I especially liked the 10 percent discount on just about anything in the store (save naturally the sewing machines and other hardware). I applied my savings to a plush pink piece of stretch lace from the remnant department - those fabrics never go on sale.

First, a little bit backtracking. I knew folks were meeting up in the notions department. I looked for a line by the Burda World of Fashion magazine rack. Nothing there, apparently you all must have that issue or scoured it and took a pass. I peered further back to see a whole group of women (no men, darn it!) sitting at the pattern table, they were so quiet I didn't know what to think. Were these ladies really studying the McCalls, Vogue, Burda, New Look and Kwik Sew patterns? Then I recognized Deepika and I knew I was in the right place. Phew! Deepika is much prettier than her Patternreview profile photo, and much shyer in person than online! She showed us her gorgeous lace for a skirt (see above).
Deepika and I were both blown away (not physically, just metaphorically) by this student's dress. (I'm sorry I forgot her name already) We made her model it. Yes, we forced her to go into the Silk Room bathroom and change into her work of art. Aren't you glad we did?

The back is just as cool as the front. I love the lacing; one day I will attempt this.

After we got the "tour," we all scattered to the five winds to buy, buy and Buy! Deepika purchased fabric to line her skirt. My Chicago neighbor, Terry, just about cleaned out the $1.29 a yard table with her assorted finds. She also managed to find a remnant of the famous Paisley Panel jersey made into clothes by Cidell, Gigi, and others. (Terry's fabric is in a blue colorway, not the green/pink one plastered all over the Internet right now). Josephine, I forgot what she bought, but it was nice to meet someone who actually knows where the Portage Park Theater (current site of the Silent Film Festival) is.

Of course, no group fabric-buying is complete without eating out afterwards. We went to the Lucky Platter where at least a half-a-dozen of us got a homemade Cream Soda (just writing about makes me want another one now).
* I'm wearing my second version of the Sandra Betzina Vogue 2977 top in a gorgeous gold knit (it's not as heavy as it looks) in the top photo. I'll write up more about it in the future....

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colour by number said...

i am so glad that you posted of the evening! unfortunately i had the night before leaving on vacation panic attack because I was no where ready (packing for 5 people!). i was so sad to miss it esp. since i am only 10 min away...i will look for you next time that i am there--which is weekly! cindy