Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Quite a Bit of Creativity This Weekend*

But I don't have much to show for it. I feel unproductive compared to some other bloggers, who completed projects during these past three days. I see pictures here of dresses completed, skirts stitched and scarfs made...it's enough to make feel like I didn't do anything just because what I worked on isn't done. I was half-hoping that I would start Saturday and finish this tank top by last night, at the latest.

It didn't happen, but not for lack of effort. I do believe I deserve some Gold Stars for buying yarn, casting on 165 stitches on a pair of 29-inch circulars that constantly threatened to gauge out my eyeballs all in one 72-hour period.

Anyhow, my eyes did survive the dangerous cast-on. Then I knitted, purled, did the latter and former again just to get to the fun part: lace. So I did the requisite yarn-overs, K2s, ssks in the proper spots repeatedly. The first time, I came to the end of the row with something six extra stitches. I was sitting inside a tent in this park when that happened, a gentle warm breeze blowing on me, while my three nieces bounced around me, begging for yet another chapter in my unpublished masterpiece, "Ashley & Blake Go To Scotland." But I had my priorities in order, knitting, especially when it's frustrating, takes precedence over a pair of fictitious boy-crazy characters. So I took off five rows of stitches from those wicked knitting needles. And cast on yet again.

So last night having survived a terrible rainstorm that nearly flooded the inside of our unanchored tent, I tackled the knitting one more time. I got the foundation rows all done while I was taking a crowded train back from Highland Park (minus the Aerobed mattress, which just too much to carry when my soggy belongings felt heavy enough).

So while sitting on my couch surrounded by my stuff, I bit the bullion and I did the lace row a second time, which was one stitch short of knitterly perfection. What to do? What to do? What to do? Of course, log onto Ravelry, which I did....and to be extremely frank, I'm ready to cast off yet again (no, not on a rowboat, but all those stupid stitches already on the needle)...and take a break from the whole blessed thing. Maybe in another day or two (when it's warmer and feels a little more appropriate to making something for summer) I'll feel different about this project. I'll be ready to try again with renewed zeal. I dunno. What I liked Best About the Project So Far: I really did enjoy sitting inside the tent blissfully knitting with my bare feet, enjoying what felt like the first day of summer (brutally cut short by Old Man Winter today), I wish I had something to show for this extra-long weekend. Why didn't I sew? I have bundles of fabric happily waiting for me in my bedroom closet. For sewing, I don't have to laboriously count the stitches in the fabric, it just leaps onto the table and wants to be cut into pieces and sewn into something wearable, it doesn't matter what, just something. Even if I just finished up putting the foldover-elastic on a sleeveless top yesterday than I could have something to photograph and show for my 72-hours of no schedule, no nothing and no news. Instead I have a pair of circulars sitting on my couch, waiting for me to pick them up yet again. They'd especially like it if I took off the yarn so they could get another chance to whip me in the face. Now tell me do scissors attempt that? Certainly if they're sharp, you could nick yourself, but attack you while you're holding them with both pair of hands? I think not. Sewing is much more civilized. Trust me I'm not afraid of sharps on my sewing machine, but knitting needles? Talk about the potential for bodily harm. Of course, it is my quest to be busy and truly happy with I make or am I just overly keen to have something photogenic to blog about today? Would I care as much if I weren't blogging? Probably not. Time for some almonds and a mug of green tea.

For those of you who blog - how often do you feel compelled to write about finished projects?
* The fabric above was for this dress. Incidentally, I see Target has also used the same jersey for this dress.

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