Friday, May 2, 2008

My Favorite Blogs*

I'm not sure what I did in the morning before the Internet became part of my world. It's hard to remember exactly. I'm sure I picked up the Chicago Tribune, which was tossed up onto my doorstep (I lived in a walk-up at the time, so lots of the things got tossed up to catch my attention). I'm not even sure what my ritual breakfast is now, but what did I eat pre-Internet? I suspect I ate a lot of Grape Nuts. I do remember that being important for a while. So that's what I likely did: sat on my nubby (and I mean nubby because I'd get these little pebble imprints on my bare legs) cream-colored couch, balanced my breakfast on my lap and read the paper. I'd scooped up my sodden Grape Nuts (I always ate it with milk), turned the page, more Grape Nuts, turn the page, until I was done. I never drank coffee, even then. What was my morning beverage? I'm not sure. Maybe orange juice. I'd let a frozen tube of juice defrost overnight, pour the orange goop into a glass pitcher, make sure I poured exactly three juice-containers full of water. If I didn't pay attention, I'd pour four, and ruining my drink of choice.

Nowadays, I wake up....trot to the kitchen in my flip-flops, pour water into an electronic tea kettle for some green tea (which reminds to buy a new package), turn that on, slip out a pre-packaged portion of oatmeal flavored with maple syrup and nuts. While that's all heating up, I boot up the lap top. I return to the kitchen for more breakfast prep. Cereal into bowl, tea bag into cup.

Scamper back to the office. Click on the stamp icon on my computer, boom! I've got email, mostly coupons. Click on the orangy yellow fox chasing after its tail icon (Firefox). Bada-boom! Internet. Instantly I check in with my favorite blogs.

1. The Panopticon. What is Franklin Habit up to these days? I'm particularly fascinated with his cartooning, because its an artistry I'm constantly trying to master myself. If there are no new 'toons to read, I admire his stellar photography. All his pictures are just right - the proper lighting, cropping, you name he's done it. Extra points: Franklin doesn't own a car, just like me. I wonder if he's a member of I-Go Car Sharing. If not, I'll have to introduce if I bump into him anytime soon on the bus or train.

2. Miss Celie's Pants. Most of the time I really don't see too much in the way of trousers, despite this blog's name. Where are the pants? I see blouses, skirts, dresses, sometimes a pair of pants or two. Come to think of it, I wouldn't want to see too many pants, than that would make this weblog Pants of the Day, and who needs that? There are far too many pants (of all types, particularly denim jeans). But I do admire Cidell's energy, willingness to try new things that I'm downright lazy to try right now (Fly zipper? No way. Lined jackets? Maybe in the fall. Quadruple button holes on a blouse front? In another life). So I live vicariously. I like that Cidell frequently updates her site, so we readers know exactly what kind of progress she has made on her various sewing adventures. Extra points: Cidell's single like myself.

3. A Dress a Day. I must be pathetic because I know precisely when Erin updates her site. It's about 8:15 a.m. CST every morning. I can almost time it. It's pathetic, I know. Those mornings I visit Dunkin-Donuts, I race back to refresh the screen in time for some more comic relief. I like how Erin introduces me to words I might want to know to impress friends (her Twitter twod is particularly good for that. Check it and out follow if you're so inclined.) But she's always commenting on vintage patterns I've never seen before, so I'm usually educated about Butterick, McCall and Vogue patterns from the 1950s, should I ever decide to recreate a dress from this period. I rather not, at least right now. I'll let Erin do all the hard work and let hilarity, as she tells it, ensue. Extra points: Erin lives in Chicago, just like me.

4. Knit and Tonic. I'm somewhat fascinated with how Californians live. To be honest, they're not like us Midwesterners. They have constant sunshine, lemons and avocados in their backyard, virtually no snow and they drive everywhere. Can that be real? I just cannot relate to that kind of lifestyle, you know? I was very enthralled last year when Wendy told her readers about an encroaching wildfire, and how she intended to abandon her yarn stash! Thankfully, the fire turned (probably because she said that) and I was very thankful because any damage out west would have disrupted my daily ritual of blogs I must read or I'm Really Out of It Today. (I even read 'em on the weekends. Moronic, I know. I don't have a TV, so I'm somewhat sane, ok?). Extra points: Wendy doesn't take knitting too seriously.

5. Posy Gets Cozy. I'm absolutely amazed how many comments Alicia Paulson gets on her site. She pops a tire on her bike? Five hundred sympathetic murmurings. Cavorts with her dog in the countryside? Another 600. Add some of her stunning photography with incredibly crisp colors, and I begin to understand the following she has. It's all about her lifestyle; it's the romantic life of design that she lives that others want to have someday. I think that's the appeal. That's why my blog won't catch on in the same way. My home is creatively strewn with materials and books (another way to avoid saying that I've got a bit of mess). Oh well, I've got more than 100 friends on Facebook if that means anything. Extra points: Alicia's a former Chicagoan.

6. The Sartorialist. Now if anyone has better photographs than Alicia, it's Scott Schuman. This man must have amazing energy (probably from getting up at all hours to attend to his children.) I was up early this morning a 3 a.m. CST and Scott's uploading images in France at that very second. He must not get jet lag from all the travel he does. It's no wonder he takes pictures of others, because honestly all that jumping across the pond in a plane would take its toll on me, and there's no way I'd want my mug taken, even if I did have a cute canine at hand. I don't Sarto think would take pictures of me if I were traipsing across New York City, something about my shoes not coordinating with the rest of my outfit would send him running the other way. Just sayin'. Extra points: Scott's a Midwesterner, even if he lives in New York City now.

That's really it, my breakfast reading in a nutshell. Somehow it sets me up for the rest of the day. I have to tie my hands to keep myself from checking in to see if by chance any of the above have been updated mid-day. Sarto's really the one who might do that. The rest? They have a life.

What are your favorite blogs?
* The hat I'm wearing is adorned with a flower I made for a Craft Magazine project. The kiss? It's for you and because it's Friday.


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Is that going to be your official Kentucky Derby day hat? Or will you post another one for inclusion in the Virtual Kentucky Derby Day party?
(I do love aqua, especially on hats!)

the_lazymilliner said...

Thoughts: aren't I a little late to the Derby?