Monday, April 28, 2008

Twittering My Life Away...

If you haven't noticed the Twitter sidebar (look on the left), I'd suggest you take a look now. It's a place where I can post pithy updates while I'm on the road (actually I tend to spend more time on the rail). These updates can only be 140 characters maximum. I'm not sure what happens if you go over the limit. Does your membership get suspended? Do those following you start tweeting? I just don't know. I'm not sure I want to know. This much I do know: I love tweeting (or is it Twittering?). It's fun. I like the idea of recording my adventures while I'm en route. It makes an ordinary journey that much more exciting. It also makes waiting for the bus more tolerable. In fact, I have to ensure the bus doesn't speed past me while I'm busy texting Twitter. As much as I adore this new application, I really enjoy getting to my destination as fast as possible. Twitter is always possible, boarding another no. 22 bus might be 23-minute wait. I hate that.

What do I text to Twitter? Just look. I've noticed I do talk about the weather, which I suspect is only normal when you're depending on public transportation to run errands and make appointments on time. But I also do go on and on about my hobbies: namely knitting and sewing. Yesterday, I yakked ever so briefly about Burda World of Fashion's March issue, no. 115. I also complained about progress on my knitting. I'm trying to write something funny while I'm away from home. I think most people like to read something funny whether it's 1,400 characters long or only 128. We all need a laugh. I know I do, you might not. In fact, you might thrive on seriousness. Not me, I need to hear, read and write hilarious things every hour I'm awake, which makes studying French a problem. My homework is fairly straightforward. No laugh track, unless it's my fellow students chuckling at my mispronunciations of basic words. I have this tendency to use a Spanish accent; no doubt an influence from all the Spanish I took in junior high and high school. I can tell you without hesitation how to say "Let's go to the beach" in our country's second most popular language (Vamos a la playa.) but right now I'd have a problem getting to sand and water in France. Perhaps I should start twittering in French. Here's the thing: I'd like to get all those accent marks in their proper position if I'm going to do that. Otherwise, I'm going to look like a novice. I know I'm newbie, but I rather appear like an expert.

Anyhow, Twittering is fun to follow. I'm following Penelope Trunk's Twitter, ditto The Sartorialist, Jen Singer and Erin McKean. I'd have to say Ms. Trunk and Mrs. Singer are the most prolific and entertaining Twitterers on my roll. Trunk talks about sneaking tweets while dis cussing things with her divorce lawyer. Singer, her kids. Sarto? So far he just uploads links to his blog. Yawn. Ms. Dressaday? Dictionary-related tweets related to her other job as a lexicographer. Man, I'd really love to read about Erin's adventures on the road. I'd gladly read any updates on trips to Vogue Fabrics (where I hang out also), Jo-Ann Fabrics, O'Hare airport and Harlem Avenue Antique and Resale Shoppe. Here's to hoping, fingers double-crossed.

There are a couple of other bloggers who don't Twitter but who I'd enjoy tagging along with. How about Erica Bunker, tweeting during her outdoor photo shoots? Or what her expeditions at Hancock's or Vogue? Ditto Miss Celie's Pants. She could use her Crackberry to talk about all her travels - picking up fabric in Africa, Panama and heavens knows where else. Wendy Bernard would be a complete crack-up in Twitter, I have no doubt. She'd yammer away about exploits at the LYS (Local Yarn Store in knitter-speak), but I think it might be difficult for her to describe her latest acquisition in a few short words. Or how about Alicia Paulson? Wouldn't you love to hear her while she's out on walks with her canine? I'd miss out on her luscious photographs, only available online.

So far these ladies have not started Twittering. They may be wanting to keep things certain things in their lives private. It's completely possible too that they don't want fans approaching them while they're using their 40 percent off coupon at Jo-Ann's. I understand that, I think (written with a sigh or perhaps that was a whimper).

For now I'm content (let me amend that: I'm thrilled) to Twitter three times a day. I'm not sure who's reading it on my blog. Oddly enough, to date I've got more men than women following me at Interesting. Perhaps they want to learn how to sew and knit, but they don't want to admit it openly? What's up with that? You can still be masculine and participate in the womanly arts! Come on, guys, stand up and be counted! It's okay to carry sticks and yarn. Be proud! I'll proudly support you in your new addictions.

That's it for now, folks, until we "meet" on Clark Street....

P.S. Would you put a Twitter sidebar on your blog. Or is that too personal or silly for your taste?

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