Monday, April 21, 2008

10 Jokes To Keep You in Stitches*

1. What do you call two needles?

2. What is a surge protector?

3. When is a fabric stash a collection?

4. A stitch in time saves how much?

5. What does a sewer say when she pokes herself with a needle?

6. When is a bad time to sew?

7. What is a seam ripper?

8. When is a mistake a designer touch?

9. How many sewers does it take to change a light bulb?

10. What does a sewer say on her deathbed?

Feel free to add some of your sewing-related jokes in the comments....

The answers: 1. Twin Needles. 2. A box that protects a serger. 3. When it gets out of control. 4. A stitch saves in time doesn't save any time. 5. "Ouch!" 6. Never. 7. Jack's cousin. 8. Mistakes are always designer's touches. 9. Only one because if a sewer can fix a sewing machine late at night she can change a lightbulb by herself. 10. "Just one more row before I go!"
* I sewed both tops. The one over the lacy version is a McCall pattern, the lacy number is a Textile Studios Santa Monica T.


T.K. said...

Hi Mary Beth, you left a comment (I didn't publish it) on my post about Murphy beds at Before My Time asking me to email you, but... no email addy! Try again if you still have a question.

PhantomMinuet said...

I love that light blue color, as you might surmise from the pic I just posted on my blog. :-)