Wednesday, February 13, 2008

An Introduction

My name is Mary Beth. I'm really am lazy about making hats as I mentioned in the "What You Need to Know About Me" section on the side of this blog. I can't tell you how many hat patterns I have collected over the years...bundled up in folders, stacked in cardboard boxes; these patterns are sitting just itching to be made. I see them wiggling each time I rifle through them looking for a dress, skirt or a top to stitch up. I know the hat patterns feel a little insulted when I ignore them. Trust me, I feel guilty too. I feel like I'm forgetting my children. At least I wear hats. Not every single moment. You won't find me wearing a night cap (or drinking one for that matter.) But I do love hats. My favorite one at the moment is a fluffy fur flap hat that I picked up at this show. It cost well well over a $100, but it keeps me warm and gets me attention (although yesterday, I had it on when the bus sped past even though I was waving my arms wildly.)

Aside from my growing hat collection, you need to that I love to

. I learned how to crochet about six years ago. It felt quite intimidated holding the yarn in my left hand while I wielded a crochet hook in my right paw. It felt so foreign, like I was drinking 2 percent milk with brandy in it. I did master the basic stitches, even if I was making them all in the same hole, creating this little, bunchy thing. Soon, I was making Fourth of July colored cotton pot holders. Now, I've made skirts, ponchos, and berets.

You should also know I like

. Notice I didn't say I love knitting. You've got to be kidding! Knitting is so slow. There are days I rather walk from walk from Chicago to my alma mater and back rather than pick up two needles and a ball of yarn. Somehow I've managed to knit a couple of skirts, a sleeveless halter top and a wonky skirt turned into a shawl. Knitting is torture, but I'm still doing that instead of crochet right now.

Even more than crochet and knitting, I love

. I have a stash of fabric that's bulging out of one of those black-mesh laundry units in my closet and a huge collection of Vogue, Butterick, McCalls, and Simplicity patterns. I'm also a proud owner of a Viking Husqvarna 735. I love that baby sooo much. I've made at least 12 tops (that kind you wear, not spin), a few dresses and a lot of designer touches that I've just tossed in the garbage. Some of the more wearable designer items I wear to bed if they're not too scratchy. But's so quick. Or it can be, if you so choose. I love the insty-ness of it. From cutting out the fabric to stitching up the hem, I can have a new piece of clothing in boom! 2 hours. Or thereabouts.
Enough about me for the moment. Tell me about you. What do you like to do?
* If you are interested in learning more about the calligraphy: it's Spencerian Script, popular during the Victorian era. I wrote these words, using a White Sharpie peel-off China marker on Strathmore Artagain black paper, which I just noticed is ideally suited for soft pastels and charcoal.

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