Thursday, January 7, 2010

Because I'm a Sucker for Two-Tone Tops: 1932 Bear Brand Crochet Pattern

Add a bow such as this pattern, and I'm a goner. This short-sleeve sweater is so adorable, and it looks so easy to make. It's just a bunch of crochet circles connected with ribbing. Kindergarten easy. Now I'm totally curious about the yarn. Two-ply? Three-ply? Something else. Because I want to make this sweater and I'm an ace at crochet in way that I'm not at knitting. Can I also I say this sweater would be most flattering to someone who doesn't have to make bust adjustments (I am speaking about myself) when you sew? The bow, the sleeve hems all hit at the bust line so anyone who doesn't want extra attention in that spot would be best to ignore this pattern. And if you leave off the bow, that just knocks extra points off its cuteness, and makes it look less retro.

Now, all that said, I'd probably wear these with a pair of jeans, and eschew the gloves, which I do like, but I don't make a habit of wearing. But a hat would definitely heighten the retro effect, although a short hairdo of any sort will work too. Gosh, put something like this on, and I half feel like doing the Charleston (which I sort of know how to do properly, thanks to Big City Swing). Or a couple of swing-outs since the lindy-hop was beginning to become popular right around the time this Bear Brand pattern was published.

I don't like to buy a pattern book unless there's at least three sweaters and/or accessories in it begging to be made. This beginning bid on this is $14.95, not bad compared some newer books on the same topic at the local bookstores. We'll see. I'm not sure. I'm watching it for now, and since it's a copy, there will be other opportunities to purchase it in the future if I don't nab it this moment (isn't that a more accurate description of the Buy It Now button?), I can always try again in the future.

Now about color choice. I do like baby blue and pink. That's quite girly. Chestnut brown and mustard yellow would be more retro. Black and fuschia would be striking, particularly for night. A little sparkle in the yarn would make it even more beautiful. What colors would you pick if you were making this top?


Anonymous said...

Love your blog, and think I saw something in an earlier one about a book in progress on Chicago Fashion due this summer? Sadly I went to Arcadia site looking if it was listed as coming soon, but couldn't find it-did buy 5 books, so they should give you some recognition! As a Chicago Millinery affecionado, and doing a hat show in March of 100 hats in Evanston I was curious if you would like to display one of yours too? I just started a blog this year, as at least a year of reading others has been great fun.
Keep up the great work in fiber.

the_lazymilliner said...

Froufou: Yes, the book is still in progress, and the deadline is rapidly approaching. It's possible I could participate in your hat show...hopefully I'll have a book cover image to share with you by that point. Let's touch base in a few weeks. Mary Beth