Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fabric Swap Update: Free Prizes!*

It's absolutely amazing how people have been so supportive of the fabric swap I'm organizing. I've had at least 5 readers who want to drive leftover fabric to the local Salvation Army, another two who are donating stuff (a $25 gift certificate from Tina Sutherland at and snackies from Miss Helene's.) More than a few have emailed me off the list and to tell me they really really wish they could come but a myriad reasons hold them back. To those who aren't able to make it: just get the word out about this exchange to make it super-successful and you can bet your buttons there'll be another swap soon enough. Oh yes, Erin, over at won't be able to participate in person, but I'll be bringing some of her stash to the library. Oh yes, Miss Helene has been an extremely helpful promoter: she's set up a Facebook fan page for the event. Isn't that nice? So if you're on FB, become a friend. Look up Chicago area fabric swap.

For those of who want to help but don't know what to do, there are plenty of jobs. We need cashiers, we need Fake Money, fabric organizers, a "barker" (someone to call out lottery numbers to prevent mass rioting over fabric) and a show-and-tell coordinator. If any of those jobs sound remotely appealing, please email me ASAP. The big day is rapidly approaching in a sort of a "the Wedding is When?" way. Yikes, this means I have to exhume my closet. Crud. I don't like that part, at all. I have to commune with the dust-mites. It's all for a good cause, I know. Sneezing for something great is minor compared to the big picture: smaller stashes (Wait: what I am talking about? We're exchanging fabric, not selling. Stash size will likely remain the same, it'll just be different stuff. Duh.) Just think: you could also get new zippers and buttons (Miss Helene is parting ways with some of her collection) for your next project. Think of the 'new' patterns you could pick up for free. You could create a brand-new summer wardrobe from what you acquire at the swap. All that's required now are some sewing machines, interfacing, and a few irons. That has me thinking: I wonder if this library room could be used for sewing? We'll have to see how many outlets there are. There are plenty of tables, I mean enough, you could get several classes of students eating lunch in there, so it would be fantastic for cutting out fabric. Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. I must stay focused on the swap. Must. Back on task: Anyone got a spare set of Monopoly money? Email me off the list.
* Image is from a pattern for sale on Imagine it could be yours if you buy now or win the gift certificate.

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