Friday, May 8, 2009

Busing It To Vogue Fabrics

I'm so lucky that I have about four different ways I can travel on public transportation to Vogue Fabrics. The most immediate, and quickest, is the Metra commuter (diesel) locomotive on the Union Pacific North line. The depot's one block away from home, I hop on, three minutes later, I jump off at the Main Street stop. Scoot down the stairs, cross the street west, half-block later I'm inside Vogue Fabrics. The other, more leisurely and more affordable way is to pick up the No. 22 (here I picked it on Clark near the Rogers Park Public Library).

I take the No. 22 to the end of the line at Howard Street, where I pick up the no. 205 CTA bus, which actually runs parallel to the electric rail on Clark Street (which becomes Chicago Avenue in Evanston). It's actually faster than the El train. It drops me off at the corner of Chicago and Main, across from the legendary new stand of the same name. I walk beneath the bridges for the El and the Metra trains to...

get to Vogue Fabrics, where I just looked at the fabrics, but didn't buy. I saw a new supersoft brown and tan flower print jersey in the $3.99 yard pile in the main room. It looks like it's going fast judging from what's left on the cardboard spool. Oh well. If there's some left next week after my next visit, I'll buy a bit. If not, it wasn't meant to be.
I took the Purple line (the electric train) to head back into the city. I actually prefer to take the aforementioned bus, but it wasn't in sight, besides, I was late in meeting a friend at the new Hop Haus restaurant. Two rides on two bus, fabric shopping (even though I didn't add to my stash), a burger bought with a $5 off coupon, great company, twasn't a bad Thursday night, even if it did rain a little. How many different ways can you get to your favorite fabric store using public transportation?

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