Friday, March 27, 2009

Great Gatsby Revival - A Cloche Call?

I feel a Great Gasby revival coming on. First, I got an email from a prospective student about the hat that Mia Farrow's wearing in the above photo from the movie based on Scott Fitzgerald's novel. Then I get an email from a newcomer who has moved to Chicago from New Orleans. She digs the flapper look. Then I see a woman reading a "Great Gasby" paperback on the subway. Today, this way cool cloche. What's going on? Are we going to see dropped-waist dresses and bobs next? Possibly, but not here in Chicago, we're just not a retro city the way San Francisco or even the Washington, DC metro area is. What do you think?

Anyhow, back to the cloche in the above photo. Arielle wants to recreate it. However, she tells me emphatically, " I don't need it to be just like that. I just need the shape and the fact that it covers all of the hair."

So if you have any ideas, I'm all ears. It looks like the hat has glass beads on it, doesn't it? Imagine how that would look doing the Charleston on the dance floor! Swinging!


Desirae said...

I've had luck with crochet poet's site in finding almost any pattern I want. Here are a few cloches that could work or be modified. I know it's a long time since the post was made, but I am on a cloche kick right now and found your site.

A little shorter, but I adore this pattern!:

Very Basic Cloche:

Another vintage one:

the_lazymilliner said...

Desirae: thanks for the links. I would say the StitchDiva one is the one I like best. What kind of yarn would you use for this pattern?