Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Anthropologie Look on a Walmart Budget**

It's too bad this blog (sorry I can't find URL now) isn't updated regularly, 'cause the topic of the Anthropologie look for less seems to be a popular one, if the crafty DIY sites are any indication. The A-word comes up a lot on Ravelry, a knitting social-networking site. Ditto Patternreview. What is it about this chain store that causes a grown woman's eyes to glaze over and say, "I totally can make that for less" and proceed robot-like outside the store without buying one thing, then nearly collide with oncoming cars as she forgets the stop light is turned RED and she should stop walking and dreaming of Clothes She Could Make Better than Anthropologie until she's safely on the other side of street? I'll admit I'm one of those females from time to time, which is why if I am going to get into the Anthropologie Altered State of Mind (no doubt caused by sniffing those super-expensive canned candles in the store), I might as well drink first, and see what creative ideas I could come up. In fact, certain alcoholic beverages might actually affect different parts of the brain, with varying results. Here's where my experiment might start sometime (all drinks will be on special, of course, since we're after the inexpensive Walmart way.). The beverage, followed by the brain effect:

Guinness: One will get you looking at all brown attire in the store. You will home in anything that looks like it could be worn in Ireland. Anything 100 percent wool will be especially alluring under the influence of this stout. Cables will be especially appealing. You will likely leave the store seeking out a local yarn shop so you can start a long sleeved sweater you will never finish.*

Pomegranate Mojito: The antioxidants in the pomegranate will get you thinking that you have forever and two days to recreate all dresses in stock. All. You will become certain that even 90 years old you will be able to whip up the bias-cut plaid dress in the image resting on your hard drive now. The mint sprigs will prompt you to sniff and touch all green items in the store. It's possible a store employee might call security when you start overdoing this particular action.

Skinny-Tini(TM): This Bethanny Frankel concoction may mislead you to think you can fit into all the small sizes leftover in the backroom or the non-stretch jeans on the rack closer to the display case. The jumpsuit, which should have plenty of wiggle room, might be the best thing right now...besides it's just what Frankel, a New Yorker, might wear for her new reality show. Do her one up and sew this baby. Find a vintage Butterick pattern on eBay. I dare you.

Miller Lite: Even at one, you're in no shape to even window shop at Anthropologie. You must down a classy drink to do the tipsy browse and tell at this store. Go on. Return to the Cubby Bear where you belong until you're ready for some serious I-phone photography in the fitting rooms. Or drive directly to Walmart. Scratch that. Hire a taxi driver and do the same.

Cabernet Sauvignon: Okay, you're teeth are stained now, that's okay. Don't smile. The grapes will force you to look at all the trendy ombre ruched skirts, dresses and cardigans. Naturally, you'll speculate about how you can recreate this all at home in your back yard in a plastic tub for twice the fun and the money. And the pictures for Facebook, of course!

Prosecco: Pricey, yes. The bubbles in this Italian specialty will compel you to look longingly at the hundred dollars plus leather mules and wedgies, all imported from Spain, and wonder how you can get the same for less. A lot less. Can't be done (Budget Fashionista disagrees). Save your pennies for the real.

Drinks aside, what Anthropologie goods have your DIY side working overtime? Link and tell.

* This is my favorite beverage, just so you know...
** Display windows are at the Anthropologie on Southport in Chicago.


Pam Aries said...

I a m laughing to myself..because you just said everything I was thinking when Ileft Anthropolgie yesterday! WHAT is it with that store! I love going in...but I have never ever bought one thing! All I need is to go visit..hah

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