Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring/Summer 09 Vogue Knitting Cover vs. Arden B version

When I saw the latest issue of Vogue Knitting, I did a triple-take. Could it be? No way, it couldn't! Well, maybe...? Sure enough, a little comparison between the two shows that the Arden B vest does indeed strongly resemble the one on the latest Vogue Knitting cover. The major difference is that the ready-made pattern appears longer. I do like them both. (I saw the Arden B in a white on a Vogue Fabrics customer; she looked fantastic!). What's not like about the chain-store's price? And the color choices? Still, I relish the idea of making mine and getting all the bragging rights of saying, "I made this!" Now, I haven't read the vitals on the couture one, but the AB vest is all acrylic. Ick or not, friends? To make or not?

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PhantomMinuet said...

The short version is gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you make.