Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday's Quick Hat Hits

First off, I need to know whether you wore a hat to the polls on Tuesday. I did. Specifically, I wore this knitted topper. Yes, I did what I could to make the planet a little less serious that day (I frequently like to paraphrase Monty Python: "The problem with the world today, There aren't enough people wearing hats."). I'm not sure it worked. Well, ok, I heard fireworks later that evening after 10 p.m. Maybe it was belated recognition for my millinery? Anyhow, here are some quick hat hits if you're so inclined.
1. The hat above? It's Caityquilter's. Yes, those really are zipper roses. Now you know what to do with all those old metal-edged ones you find at garage sales. I've also seen them turned into clip-ons for shoes.
2. Have you wondered where to find high-quality flat wool felt? Here's a link. Now you can make those Vogue Pattern hats. I plan on ordering some soon (the Autumn gold looks beautiful).
3. So you're not inclined to sew, knit or spider spin a hat? Here's a whole blog post on what to buy: Refinery29's 15+ hats for fall.
4. I'm actually knitting another hat, no surprise I suspect given what I've made and uploaded to date. This one's called Dizzy, and I'm the ditsy making it. I will return to sewing in good time. I'm just waiting for some crummy cold weather. It's been like summer here the past few days, hardly appropriate for lowering the presser foot and getting down to business. That I'll do in good time.


Susan said...

That is a very stylish hat! I'm diggin' the zippered roses, for sure!

Sue said...

I love Caity's hat - I think we need to unite and urge a return of hat wearing to fashion - apart from race days!

Anonymous said...

OMG, thanks so much for loving my hat enough to Feature it! You've made my day *hugegrin*!!!

Anonymous said...

And I also often think of that soundbite from The Meaning Of Life, too. I intend to do my bit!

the_lazymilliner said...

Thanks, Susan, Sue, Caity (btw, I'm happy to promote your gorgeous hat)..I think I need to plaster Monty Python's quote to my head as well as wear more hats. Have a splendid Sunday, all.