Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday's Thought on Accessories*

From a book on eBay: " A dress or a suit in itself is nothing. It is the wearer's individual taste in the choice of the proper hat, jewels, shoes and other accessories that determines the smartness of the complete costume."

Do you agree? A dress worn with flip-flops certainly makes a different statement than one worn with stilettos.

This is from Marc Jacobs' latest collection...Some are talking about the obi belt, but I'm loving the boater.

In other news: Timtex (the most excellent stuff for hat brims) is back, YarnCon is around the corner, Loopy Yarns is having a party tomorrow night, and I'm reasonably happy even though I've yet to find more of Gedifra Wellness 2115, lot 9100. There's an absolutely excellent compilation of 1930s and 40s British knitting/crochet patterns on Ebay: click here. (I have this book and it's excellent.)

* By the way, the hat above actually looks like one of Vogue Patterns' current selection, but I think it's out of print.

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