Friday, September 19, 2008

October Hat-Making Class & High Society Hat No. 2

First off, this is my Anthropologie hat knock-off, made after I had to return the $42 piece of junk to the store (the hat begin to unravel almost immediately; now to be fair, it was a little snug so that might have prompted the hat to fall apart, but still). This was the hat I intended to make before I did no. 1, but the salmon-colored yarn did its siren song number on me and I had to do that one first.

I've temporarily embellished this hat with a grosgrain ribbon and a vintage black buckle, but I'll more than likely stitch on a permanent velvet ribbon with a bow, much like the version in Romantic Hand-Knits. This striped grosgrain gives the hat a preppy vibe, still 1930s-looking but I'm after a more luxurious look. This brim is much wider that version no. 1, making it resemble something that a woman during the Depression might have worn, not a 1920s flappergirl.

I also put in a sweatband inside made of petersham, which I plan on purchasing at Judith M Hats & Millinery Supplies. Then I'll put in my label, of course.

But I highly recommend this pattern. It's not hard and would be a great introduction to lace: learning how to do yarn-overs and knit-two togethers. The brim is tricky, and I can see from my photos it's not perfect. It kind of curls up on one side. However, the beauty of this particular chapeau is that you can move it around. There is no back. If you've got any questions on this project, leave a note in the comments.

Now for some information that landed in my inbox, plus some interesting URLs I landed on this week. The two-day class below is worth the investment. You'll get to make a hat-block for a fraction of the price of those vintage ones found online plus you'll actually make a hat.

Hat-Making Classes: October 10th through the 19th. The poll results are in and the classes have been selected. Thank you for helping us make the best pick. Now, it's time to get you registered!! We are taking deposits now to save your space (please understand these are non-refundable) The balances will be due September 27th. Please follow this link to view the schedule and find the on-line registration buttons (or phone us at 630.963.9573 with your mc/visa/amex info.

HATMAKING: Block Carving and Felt Blocking
Instructor: Eia Radosavljevic of Eia Millinery Design
(Save your spot today with a $200 deposit)

Day 1: Carve a head or basic crown block and then go on to block a velour felt on a wooden brim block (from Eia Millinery Design's collection of vintage and custom-carved Parisian blocks.)
Day 2: Block a velour felt hood on the student's own carved crown or head block, finish the felt brim, and learn how to assemble the felt crown and brim.

Class Meets: Saturday & Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Class Dates: October 11 & 12
Cost: $400.00

Hatty Links I like:
* This picture of Nie Nie in matching hat and necklace. For those of you who don't her family's sad saga to date, there's this New York Times story.
* Bonnet and girl's coat sewn from what looks like a vintage 1950s Vogue pattern.

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