Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just A Little More Shifting

This dress was actually my first attempt at Simplicity 3681. It's a size 10, waaaay too large for me, I'm sad to say because I really love this fabric. There's something utterly compelling about this floral combination of brown and blue bought at Vogue Fabrics in my favor department, remnants. When I showed it to a friend, she suggested that I rip it apart and try again. That just feels like too much work, but it might be a way to salvage it, especially the collar which refuses to lay flat. If it I did undone what's be completed, I'd just place my size 8 pattern pieces on top, cut out a new front and back. A new collar and sleeves would come from leftover fabric. As it is, the dress doesn't really flatter me. It's something I might wear at home on a hot day with ceiling fan set on high, but not to a street fair or the farmers' market. What would you do with a dress that didn't quite work on the first try but you didn't want to give up on?

Anyhow, thanks for all who've voted thus far in the bathing suit poll. For those of you who would taked a class to learn how to make swim suits, does it matter what season? I mean is it more appropriate to schedule lessons just before you might hit the beaches in June, July and August? Or would you be eager to do something summery during the cold months of November, December and January...a project that you might be able to take with you and wear on a vacation in Hawaii or Florida? Just wondering.

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